Terms Of Service

· A user must first register and validate their email address to play the game.

To start playing, users must register and confirm their email addresses. Accounts not verified within 24 hours will be deleted. The game is a poking game, and users must deposit bitcoins to start poking.

· Accurate information

You must supply any information requested during the registration process or as prompted by a screen shown within the Services to use the Services. You represent and certify that any information you supply to us via the Services is accurate and complete.

. The grid

· You get a grid of 100*100 cells to play the game

The game contains a grid of 100*100 cells, which you can poke at the cost of 0.00015 btc per cell. Each cell can contain 1 bitcoin, or be empty. winner cell announced once all cells are poked. the user who poked the winner cell get 1 btc transferd to his earning balance to withdraw or reinvest

· The auto miners

Auto miners is an investing game, you get many types of miners with different costs and earnings

Each miner you buy will generate a constant amount of dust per minute.

Dust collected can be exchanged for bitcoins once collected at least 1 gram of dust.

The game is round based, each round will start once the last round completed. at round ends, all the auto miners you bought will be deleted alongside any dust collected but not sold.

The round ends once the total of coins earned by users is more than 75% of coins collected from users in that round.

Round life could be from months to years depending on the user's engagement..

· Insufficient Funds

If you do not have enough funds in your account to complete an order placed via the Services, we have the right to cancel the whole transaction or terminate a portion of the purchase using the Funds you do have.

· 'Earning balance' is where the bitcoins mined go to be used.

The bitcoins collected from poking go towards the earnings balance, the total amount of bitcoins that the player has earned. The earnings balance is necessary to pay the players to maintain the blockchain and verify transactions.

· The bitcoins you earn from referrals go to the 'affiliate balance.'

Bitcoins earned from referrals go to 'affiliate balance' means that the referral's earnings are tracked and displayed in their affiliate account. It allows the referrer to see how much they have earned from referrals and will enable them to track their progress in meeting their affiliate goals. You get 5% from each deposit resulting from your referral.

· Transferring bitcoins

In the case of the affiliate balance and earning balance, users may move bitcoins to the buy balance, but not the other way around.

· Withdrawing bitcoins

A user can withdraw bitcoins from their "affiliate balance" and "earning balance" to an external wallet; however, this is not possible from the "buy balance."

· Withdrawals are processed within 24 hours.

When you request a withdrawal from your account, the request is processed, and the funds are transferred within 24 hours.

· If users need help, they can open a support ticket

If a user needs help, they can open a support ticket which means they will be able to receive assistance from the customer service team. It is usually in the form of help with troubleshooting, account recovery, or general questions about how to use the site.

· All coins are secured on the server

The coins are stored on the server, but the website is not responsible if they are stolen or lost due to hacking or a natural disaster. Data collected from users will not be traded to third parties or used for external promotions.

· Taxes

When using the Services, you should establish if any taxes apply to your transactions. It is also your responsibility to declare and submit the required tax to the proper tax authorities.

· Acceptable Use

Whenever you access or use the Services, you promise not to break any law, contract, intellectual property right, or another third-party right. You will not commit a tort, and you are entirely responsible for your actions while using the Services. You agree, without limiting the scope of the preceding, that you will not do the following:

· We prohibit you from using our Services in a way that might interrupt, adversely impact, or otherwise prevent other users from thoroughly enjoying our Services or that could damage, disable, overload, or otherwise impair the functionality of our Services in any way.

· You may not use our Services to pay for illegal gaming activities, fraud, money laundering, terrorist activities, or other unlawful activity.

· Attempt to access or collect data from our Services via the use of any robot, spider, crawler, scraper, or other automated method or interface that we do not supply

· Attempting to utilize or trying to use another user's account without their permission

· We prohibit you from bypassing any content screening procedures we use or accessing any service or part of our Services that you are not permitted to access.

· It is prohibited to develop any third-party apps that interface with our Services without first obtaining our explicit permission;

· False, incorrect, or misleading information is provided, and It is unlawful to encourage or influence any other person to participate in any conduct forbidden under this Section.

· Feedback

If you send us feedback, suggestions, ideas, or other materials about our services via email, posting through our services, or any other means, we will own the intellectual property rights to everything you send us.

· Changing the terms of service

We can change the terms of service without giving prior notice to the users. It could include changing the rules around how the cryptocurrency can be used or changing its fees.