Fair Play Policy

The grid game is based on private key/public key derivative (same as the bitcoin address generation algorithm). at the start of a new round, a public key will be provided for the grid. when the grid is filled the private key for the public key will be revealed. the winning cell is selected from the private key on a known algorithm making everything transparent and fair.

How the public key is calculated?

the public key is the uncompressed bitcoin address of the private key

example: private key : 18e14a7b6a307f426a94f8114701e7c8e774e7f9a47e2c2035db29a206321725 will generate public key: 16UwLL9Risc3QfPqBUvKofHmBQ7wMtjvM

how the winning cell is selected?

the winning cell is selected by converting the private key to decimal number and take the last 4 digits as X and Y coordinates on the grid.

example: private key : 18e14a7b6a307f426a94f8114701e7c8e774e7f9a47e2c2035db29a206321725 converted to decimal number: 11253563012059685825953619222107823549092147699031672238385790369351542642469

X coordinate: 24 and Y coordinate: 69

you can use this website to do the calcule yourself.